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Remember that chair with its stainless steel frame and leather seat you saw at IKEA recently? It looks so contemporary, yet its design is almost 100 years old and goes back to the Bauhaus school of architecture and design. Founded in Weimar, the Bauhaus moved to Dessau in…

One Museum, 2,000 Years of History

Ok, not quite–we focused on the most recent 150 years of German history, from the unification of the German Empire in 1871 to the present.


Hamburg, Germany’s port city at the river Elbe, was our destination on the second day of our Germany. Just arrived, we were already leaving Berlin again, if only for a day. Environmental protection and sustainability were among the core topics of the day. A representative of the association “Rescue the Elbe” guided us on an … Continue reading

Hallo Berlin

All 12 Scotties and their faculty leaders arrived in Berlin after a long and tiring flight. After checking into our rooms, we enjoyed our Welcome Dinner at the Oxymoron, a very nice modern restaurant in the Hackeschen Höfe.

Turkish Encounters of an Older Sort

My recent post about a new wave of labor migration to Germany reminded me that we will have the opportunity to experience an earlier manifestation of the cultural encounters between Germany and the Mediterranean, namely Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s opera Die Entführung aus dem Serail [The Abduction from the Seraglio]. The Abduction premiered in 1782, a … Continue reading

Originally posted on German Studies @ Agnes Scott:
In 2011 Germany celebrated the 50th anniversary of its first guest worker treaty. (At ASC we marked that historical moment with two lectures by historian Rita Chin and German-Turkish author Yadé Kara.) In 2012 it seems as if history will repeat itself, albeit in a different context. Following…

Berlin, Here We Come!

The weeks are flying by, and we’ll soon depart for Germany, with Berlin being our first stop.